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This is currently making it's way to me and should arrive Thursday if the transit gods are kind.

I've been wanting a copy of this series for almost 30 years at this point and I am so stoked that I'll finally have it and will one day be able to sit down with my son and show him one of the greatest cartoons to ever come out of the golden age of the 80's.
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As an example of how easily I can be amused/pleased, I had to purchase new wiper blades for my car this morning - the old ones decided to shred quite spectacularly when I ran them. I got these new Bosch Icons that do the "hug the windshield" thing and sweet jeezus, they rule! I was looking for any excuse to run my wipers, and I even stayed behind a truck the whole way to the T stop so that I'd have to use them. I'm sure the Kool-Aid smile I was sporting didn't make any sense to my fellow commuters.
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EMS roxxors the hizzaus. The shoes I ordered yesterday at 1pm-ish arrived this morning at about 10am. The best part about that is that I went with the basic UPS ground shipping method. Yay for me!

In other news, I completed my shopping for Endgame costuming last night. It is kind of funny, the character and I share very similar taste in clothing but I just couldn't see grabbing t-shirts from my normal rotation and calling it costuming. I guess every character needs something that is 'theirs'.

Only a couple more hours until I get to see what end of the world America will be like. Yay!

I'm out.


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