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By Grabthar's Hammer ...what a savings. I'm tired and sore.

Despite many things going not-so-right, the new guest room is, for the most part, done. I still need to re-hang the trim around the doors and install baseboards, but the walls are up and painted, the ceiling is mostly crack free and has a fresh coat of paint, and the carpet is in. Many thanks to [ profile] sithlorddarren, [ profile] noradannan, [ profile] funwithrage, [ profile] mechasquid, [ profile] jameyhasnolj, [ profile] conspiratrix, [ profile] vogan999, [ profile] eclecticgypsie, and [ profile] russiandude for all the help provided - y'all helped me get through the rough spots and the despair at ever getting things finished before the baby arrived.

Did a little cleanup with my love tonight, but for the rest of the day, I was a lazy shit. I realized late Saturday night that I was tapped out in terms of stress management and was ready to (and shamefully did in one or two cases) snap a folks who didn't deserve it. Spending today watching Day Watch and playing MoM made things a lot better. The fact that I took today for the 4th of July holiday also helped, I'm sure.

So now, I get to move into Phase II of Operation Impending Baby, which pretty much entails moving all the furniture out of the old guest room and down into the new guest room, end then painting the old guest room. This will then segue into Phase III, which entails picking up the baby furniture and setting it up in the baby's room. All in all, not a lot more to do, but as seems to be the rallying cry surrounding getting things ready, I'll need some help.

If anyone is available any night this week to help move a dresser (mercifully light), a queen sized bed (also light), and an entertainment center (sadly, not light at all), I'd be, as always, eternally grateful. I can feed you and ply you with tasty alcohol and also promise to at least try and use one of the letters of your name when we name the baby.
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Anyone who has some free time tomorrow during the day (I gots the evening covered, yo) and wants to watch me spread joint compound and spackle all over my basement room is welcome to come on over - if the excitement gets too much you could always retreat upstairs and the Mrs. will help calm you down. You don't have to do any work (although I won't say 'no' to any help) if you don't want to, but I find I work better at mind numbing tasks when I have someone to talk to.
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The basement is finally, fully insulated after about a week's worth of procrastination. Now I just have to measure and precut the sheetrock for the outer wall and then all I'll need is an extra set of hands to help me get the top two pieces in place. If anyone has some free time Tuesday or Wednesday night and wants to experience the glory that is hanging sheetrock (no, really), I'd be eternally grateful/feed you dinner.

In related news, this all would have happened Saturday and Sunday and we'd be on to the spackle/sand/spackle/sand/spackle/etc... dance already but for my brother having quite possibly broken his arm on Friday. I'm still waiting for the final report but at the very least he has an incredibly bad sprain and will be laid up and not working for a month or more. If any of you have any spare mojo you want to toss in his direction for a quick recovery, we would appreciate it.
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Wow, how did we ever function without teh internetz and more importantly, could we now, now that it is so thoroughly intertwined with our lives?

I just sent one email and got replies from 5 different electricians in under 3 minutes.

networx | Electricians is pretty cool. networx also has plumbers, locksmiths, exterminators, roofers, etc. Damn, I feel lazy and also empowered. How fucked up is that?
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Okay, that sucked. If I ever get it into my head that I want surgery on the inside of my eyelid again, please somebody, anybody, remind me that the experience is as far from okay as can legally be.

On the plus side, I did earn my Hardcore (tm) badge when I realized that the local had pretty much worn off and the doc was still going at it. Booyah! Now let us never speak of this again.

In other news, I have 6 new feet of sewer main in my basement. If y'all in the Boston/Providence area ever need a decent plumber, I'd recommend GEM Plumbing. They were fast, easy and friendly. As an added bonus, part of your cost gets donated to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so yay.

Okay, this using one eye to look at the screen is getting old, so I'm out.
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Long story short? For once, cat puke was usefull.

Let me back that up for those of you playing the home game...

This morning, Thing 2 decided to puke all over my hoodie - it was an epic amount of puke for something with a stomach that is maybe the size of a dice bag, but I'm digressing here. So anyway, Thing 2 hurls on my hoodie and being that I was supah groggy and barely got out the door to deal with the Little T-train that Couldn't, I didn't end up washing throwing it in the wash until a couple hours after I got home this evening. Cue our hero going downstairs ~ an hour after turning on the washing machine and have him notice that the sewer main that we were kind of leary about when we bought our place was dripping little drips of suspicious water onto the floor. sigh... Looks like our hero will be spending the day at home tomorrow, hoping that the cute plumber from the Kholer commercial will show up at his door to deal with this.

Ah the joys of home ownership.
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... we now have a new hot water heater. Hooray for impromptu days off due to rivers in the basement!
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I've just spent the last half hour looking at lawn care tips. I feel this urge to have a nice green lawn with no bare patches. What the fuck has happened to me? I get that buying a house leads to a bit of domesticity, but seriously, who among you, gentle readers, makes detailed plans about how to spend a weekend making your lawn greener? The truly sad part of all this is that Operation: Green Lawn is just phase I of a 4 part plan that leads to a hot tub in my back yard. Add on the project of finishing the basement room and upgrading the bulkhead door and I may not have enough time to LARP this year.
On the plus side, all this planning means that the meds are doing their job. This time last year, I wasn't capable of much more than planning what socks I would wear the following day. Go, go better living through chemicals!
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I seriously crave a warm spring night, full moon shining down, fireflies blinking around my back yard and my sweetie next to me on our back porch.
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So, due to a series of unfortunate incidents, my love and I need to call upon a few strong backs to help us finish our move. There isn't much left, and what is left isn't all that heavy (no furniture or major appliances), but with her wrists being fuxored and my shoulder being freshly injured, we're kind of screwed. Therefor, we are throwing ourselves on the good graces of our friends and begging for some help.
This is super short notice and I suspect that most of y'all won't see this this weekend, but if anyone reading this is available tomorrow to help us get the last of our stuff out the the old place, we'd be grateful. We'd also feed you, give you beer, possibly arrange for you to get head every night for the next 6 months, or find you a spare kidney if you need one. give a call to one of our cell phones or shoot me an email with a means to contact you and we'll work something out.
Thanks in advance and please don't stress if you can't make it or have no use for a spare kidney.

I'm out.
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We own a house now. Ok, technically, Swanhild owns a house now and we pay her in cat food and love. But still, we have our own place now.

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We have this house thing and it needs some coloring to happen before we do the moving in dance. Normally, when folks move, they call on their friends and relatives for moving help, but we, being the contrary and odd folk that we are, have decided to prevail upon our circle of friends for painting help instead. So if you are so inclined, we'll be at the new place on Sunday, setting up drop cloths and, weather permitting, doing some painting. Y'all are under no obligation to show, but we figured it would be an opportunity for folks to see the new place and get covered in paint. Free pizza and beer to the first thirty painters* who show. Non-painters are welcome too, but they will be expected to contribute to the pizza and beer fund for us hard working folk. Drop either myself or my love an email saying you'll show and we'll get you directions and fill you in on the plan(tm).

*painters==folks who actually grab a brush/roller and help out.
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Very good weekend - Operation Belated Birthday went off with very few, if any, hitches. It seems like a long time since my love and I have had a lazy-ish weekend mostly to ourselves. The more I think about being able to sit on the porch with her in the evenings and just bask in her presence, the more excited I am to be moving into the gnu hauz. Hopefully we'll get some spectacular sunsets.

In other news, as my love has already pointed out, our friends rock the proverbial hizaus.
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I'm a superstitious person by nature. Sometimes I wonder where some of the beliefs I hold come from. For example, I tend not to talk about anything important to me around people I don't trust or who don't like me. So far that sounds ok, right? I mean why would I tell these people anything anyway? But it goes beyond that really - the reason I do this is because I fully believe that the folks I don't trust/who don't like me can affect that which is important to me with their negative thoughts/emotions/energy (Cheryl, I'm looking in your direction here). So I tend to keep silent on a lot of things until they are a fait accompli so that if something fails, I only have myself to blame. Funny thing is, I can see how my relationship with dad exacerbated this belief but the thought process feels different from a learned behavior, it is more akin to just a deep seated belief. Meh. What does this all have to do with anything? Well, for those of you who read/lurk on my love's journal, this won't be a surprise, but for the rest of you, we are buying a house. Our offer was accepted and now we are going through all the final minutia of closing the deal. The big thing that had me worried was the home inspection, but aside from a couple of well, minor isn't quite the word that should be used but I can't think of what else I should call them, problems, it went swimmingly. If only my landlords were as good about maintaining a property.
So yeah, we're going to be home owners. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. Well, that isn't quite true. I'm really excited, but I'm still not used to the notion of it yet. This is one of those big steps in life that you read about and for whatever reason, it hasn't felt like all that big a step to me. Who knows? Maybe I'm just in denial and this will all hit me in another couple of days.

I'm out.
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First off, a warm thank you to everyone who weighed in on the last poll. I love these glimpses behind the curtains of your eyes and it is always interesting when an unexpected visitor shows up.

Point the second, mortgage pre-approval papers to sign tonight. Aieeeeeeee! We're on the road to becoming homeowners!!!

Lastly, I've been doing a lot of thinking recently on how I love. Recent events forced me to take a look at myself in the mirror and re-examine some of my longer held notions. Life is a learning process, that is for sure.

There's more to say, but for now, this will have to suffice.

I'm out.


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