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Ze weekend is over. Long live the weekend.

Was a mixed bag of good and not as good as it could have been. This was most likely due to my energy feeling all scattered - the physical manifestation of this was that I felt like I was fighting off a bad cold. Hooray for being run down :-/

On the plus side, I did get to hang out with folks on Friday night and wander the MoS (where its fun to dry out!).

On the minus side, most of the rest of the weekend was a wash. Managed to do a couple of loads of laundry and purchase tax software, but didn't get through all the laundry (and mad props should go to my Love for being a folding dynamo, btw), or actually do taxes.

Got a lot what needs accomplishing in the coming weeks, so hopefully, I can pull my shit together and get it all done.
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Report from the weekend: It was fun.

Okay, to expand somewhat on that, I wandered my way down to the Fetish Fashion Show on Friday night, although due to a series of misadventures and a long conversation with my streetmate, I managed to miss the actual show itself, but be around for some interesting vendor action plus some rump shakin' action on the dance floor. Capping the evening off with an IHOP adventure was pretty nice, the overly homo-erotic, drunken syrup drinkers non-withstanding. And yes, [ profile] ayeshak, I'm positive if we had put forth even the slightest effort, we would have been ...treated (yeah, that really isn't the right word at all) to the blowjob fiesta. A special shout out and mad props must be given to [ profile] russiandude for putting me up for the night.

Saturday, I spent some time wandering around the vendor section of the Flea and, much to my shame, spent a lot of time thinking "Oh man, if I only had the money to burn I could totally use that for a prop". That said, I'm sure I could have found other uses for the violete wand, adjustable, ceder spreader bars (alas, LBD has not listed them on their site yet, but dude, they have magnets!!!), grip cuffs and ankle cuffs, and posture collars I was ogling, but the idea I had for a Church of Chiteng inquisitor was pretty sweet. Oh, it should be noted that most if not all of these links are NSFW unless you happen to be one of my co-workers. You have been warned, so click at your own discretion.
After some interesting conversation with my traveling companion, a random woman in a half fur suit, and a few vendors, It was off to the MFA (this one is totally safe to click on), where I renewed my membership and then saw some folks I don't see often enough, alas.

Sunday, I think I spent mostly comatose as I can't, for the life of me, remember anything much about the day before, say, 10pm-ish. I hear that many folks seem to have lost Sunday, so either there was a mass alien abduction, or I'm at least in good company.

Monday was pretty much devoted to sitting around, resting and watching movies with my Love, which was the perfect way to cap off my weekend. (ETA) Oh yeah, Monday was also devoted to spreading the love that is The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. If you haven't seen this film, and you have ever played in a table top, you should drop whatever the hell you are doing and get yourself a copy, right now. Seriously. Those of you who can come up with who Brian Lewis' character reminds you of, on your own, will get extra bonus horror amusement.
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Thought for the weekend:

"You can see a million miles tonight but you can't get very far."

All in all, a very good weekend, but now I must get all diligent about Aralis write-ups.
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Had a very pleasant, if not entirely too restful weekend. Seeing folks on Saturday was definitely nice and it was a good reminder that just because a larp is running and I'm not there doesn't mean that the world shuts down or that I have to go to said larp to actually hang out with my friends (which is a fallacy that, I think, many people are guilty of in regards to gaming).

In other news, I'm feeling oddly romantic today and feel this quiet urge to spread the feeling around. So if you feel the urge to purchase flowers for your significant others, or take them out for a romantic, candle light dinner, I'd say run with it.

And oh yeah. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

I'm out.
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Hoo boy! I'm so not as young as I used to be. Three late, as in 3am, nights in a row and I'm a tired monkey. Still, I've had a great extended weekend-like thing - I got to see a lot of people I like, had some quality hanging out time, had a ton of fun playing the complete asshole in DV, aaaand got to spend a bunch of time with my Love.

Lessens learned from the past few days:

  • I'm out of shape, but not as out of shape as I thought I was.

  • I need more sleep that I did back in highschool.

  • Caffeine and adrenaline don't mix well for me.

  • My wife is hawt.

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Good weekend all told despite some bumpiness. Did some traveling and then some visiting and then more traveling.
My love and I picked up a couple of balls spheres and learned how to contact juggle. Look at me, I'll be the Goblin King in no time. Now all I have to do is find myself some hawt eleventween year old to obsess over and then finlly steal her little brother.

In other news, well, there is no other news really. Or at least not any I want to share with the general public.

This week is looking busier every time I glance at it. I have a bunch of things to start working on for Madrigal and still have to hit an army navy store to round out my Endgame costume. Then I need to find myself enough pipe foam to make the "table leg wrapped in barbed wire" since the "board with a nail in it" idea seems like it won't happen before this weekend and I'd rather not run around completely weaponless, although that could be kind of funny. Hmmm... now that I'm thinking about it, I may just have another idea for weaponry up my sleeve. I guess we'll see how much time I feel like devoting to it.

Right, now I'm going to decode the ancient sumerian text that I ended my character history with and see about submitting it. Mental note to self, don't type while half asleep.

I'm out.
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To piggy back on [ profile] bitsyboo's post about fall, I saw some bright orange leaves this morning on my drive in to work. My first thought was "ZOMG FALL!!!!" followed closely by,"oh noes, the poor tree is so confused :(" Still, it was nice to see some color in the sea of green.

my weekend in brief )
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Very good weekend - Operation Belated Birthday went off with very few, if any, hitches. It seems like a long time since my love and I have had a lazy-ish weekend mostly to ourselves. The more I think about being able to sit on the porch with her in the evenings and just bask in her presence, the more excited I am to be moving into the gnu hauz. Hopefully we'll get some spectacular sunsets.

In other news, as my love has already pointed out, our friends rock the proverbial hizaus.


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