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Up almost the entire night with a migraine. Good times, good times. I'm going back to bed.
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Ooof, managed to not only take the worst groin shot I've ever been hit with (and yes, this does count the spear shot which blew off my dick plate and left me gasping for life at my first Pennsic), but I managed to pull my right trap as well. So much for stretching my ass off before and during practice. On the plus side, ice and Tylenol seem to be doing the trick. Hopefully things will be well on the way toward mended by next week and I can get in some less intensive practice in. But for now, I'm just going to sit here and love my ice pack.

I'm out.
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This morning the breeze whispered to me of Fall. I know I'm probably in the minority for wanting Summer to end so that Fall can begin, but I can't help it. Fall is my favorite time of year. Anyway...

So While at Riverside 6 Flags the other weekend, some kind soul decided to share their conjunctivitis with me. I feel bad that I didn't get them anything, like, say chlamydia. Oh well, maybe karma will do it for me :-/ If it can't be deduced, I absolutely hate conjunctivitis but that is neither here nor there, really, since I have it and have to deal with it until its gone. So in addition to the big C, I also developed a ginormous (ok, maybe it is that huge, but I feel like it is) sty in the eye with conjunctivitis. When I saw my doctor about getting some treatment, he told me there were two options for the sty: 1) hot compresses or 2) a lid scrub. For the uninitiated, a lid scrub entails taking baby shampoo and applying it directly to your eye.
I halfassedly go about doing the hot compress route, but my patients is limited when it comes to putting extremely hot things against the tender flesh of my eye, so I decide to go with the lid scrub. Let me tell you, when the baby shampoo says "No Tears", what they fail to mention is that it will still feel like you've poured molten lava into your eye socket. If I ever become a professional torturer, I'll skip the hot pokers and whips and go directly to the baby shampoo, let me tell you. Several gallons of TheraTears later, and my eye no longer feels like I lined it with concertina wire, but it seems that my friend, conjunctivitis, has decided to come back with a vengeance. Prior to doing the lid scrub, it had cleared up and I even did the requisite "continue the meds 2 days after it gets clear" dance.
Hopefully my eye will at least look clear for my interview tomorrow, although I really know nothing better than having mucus seeping out of my eye and clinging to my lashes, to inspire confidence in myself.

I'm out.


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