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I sometimes suspect Rick Levine is watching me via crystal ball:

Tuesday, Jun 23rd, 2009 -- You can hear voices from within that are telling you to forget your current insecurities and take control of a messy situation. These are not easy days for you; you would prefer to be out playing but you have to take care of personal business before venturing out for fun. Fortunately, you'll feel a lot better about relaxing after you finish your work.

Thanks Rick. Like I didn't know this already. Next time, please send some workers along with your insight so I can get with the relaxing thing.
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Several years ago, I attended a great workshop by Susan Curewitz Arthen, on how to read tarot. At that time in my life, I was exploring my spirituality and found her course to be of immense help - the stress on the intuitive process vs. memorization had a profound effect on me.
For many reasons, I turned my back on the progress I made back then and have of late, been lamenting it/yearning to re-kindle that 'magic' as it were, and one of the things I'd like to do is take the course again.
I'm curious to know, all y'all out there in freindspageland, if I were to contact Susan about running the workshop, would there be any interest from the peanut gallery to attend? I don't have any details on what cost would be (if I recall correctly, I think, due to the group size, it was $30-ish the last time, but this was almost 8 years ago at this point), nor do I know how this would fit with my schedule, so this is still in the realm of hypothetical plans, but knowing what kind of interest is out there will maybe spur me to get on this project.
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Ze weekend is over. Long live the weekend.

Was a mixed bag of good and not as good as it could have been. This was most likely due to my energy feeling all scattered - the physical manifestation of this was that I felt like I was fighting off a bad cold. Hooray for being run down :-/

On the plus side, I did get to hang out with folks on Friday night and wander the MoS (where its fun to dry out!).

On the minus side, most of the rest of the weekend was a wash. Managed to do a couple of loads of laundry and purchase tax software, but didn't get through all the laundry (and mad props should go to my Love for being a folding dynamo, btw), or actually do taxes.

Got a lot what needs accomplishing in the coming weeks, so hopefully, I can pull my shit together and get it all done.
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Probably of interest to none of you but me, it would seem that I'm fully healed up from my rotator cuff injury as I'm back to my old tricks of picking up on the emotional & physical output around me. I find it funny that the only times I'm really flying 'blind' as it were, are when I'm injured - something about my own pain overriding anything else coning in. Its a mercy, I suppose, as the idea of the pain I was feeling with the cuff injury coupled with the serious amount of back pain I've been experiencing on the behalf of others would seriously have made the baby Jesus cry.
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I'm reading A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson right now and wow... I'm curious to know if what Tom Wallace goes through is based on someone's personal experience - so much of what he describes just resonates so strongly with my everyday experience.

On a less... new-agey/spooky note, I highly recommend the book - the movie was good, but bears only a passing resemblance to it.

I'm out.
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So, just like years ago when we were kicked out of Darkvale, Shadowfane was evacuated previous to any actual festivities.

I'm bummed, since I was really looking forward to playing this weekend, but I'm sure that the staff is feeling more sad than I am. So, instead of me rubbing salt in anyone's wounds by bitching about how much fun I could have had, I'll just say, "I'm sorry guys. You went through a ton of effort to make a great event and didn't get to run it and as much as that sucks for us players, it sucks doubly for you."

Of course this does give me the opportunity to perfect Field Mouse 2.0. Yay.

Friday night's impromptu party was a fun exercise in seeing folks in a non-larp environment. Apropos a conversation with [ profile] rowan_syngwyn, I've determined that I really should work on some sort of mental/emotional shields for just such occasions. Given the difficulties I've been having with the medication and the sheer amount of unguarded emotions running around at the party, I went home with a head full of thoughts I didn't really need to have. If only there was school for stuff like this.

The rest of the weekend has consisted of puttering around with my love, shepherding the cats, and horrifying [ profile] hilariarex with my A2 punishment module thoughts. Good times, yo.

I'm out.
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Odd dreams last night. The house was there of course, although I'd not yet ever seen these rooms and the location was different. My father was there as well, and with him were Fat Cat and Sheba. My mom and I were throwing some sort of party - I thought it was a dinner party, but it seemed to early in the day to be one - and many people were there. I knew some of them and others were completely foreign to me. I get the feeling that while I could see dad and the cats, nobody else could and this didn't seem to be that much of a problem. For the most part, the party went well although we did run out of food. I remember at one point looking over at my dad and seeing Fat Cat curled up with him. I thought to myself that that was kind of odd since he was my cat, but then I realized that he now belonged with dad. The dream then went kind of funny and involved a ride on a bed down Rt 2 and a magic oak tree that stopped us from falling off a cliff. Yeah, I'm not sure I want to get that either.

I'm not sure why dad and the cats were in my dream. Usually, when I dream of the dead, I'm doing something to help them but this time I wasn't. It still felt like a significant dream, but I don't know what the deal was. Oh well, I'm sure time will give me some perspective. In the mean time, maybe I should go visit dad this year and have a little chat with him.

I'm out.
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Bear with me while I plumb my mindscape )
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Of Ghosts and Dreaming )

Dead people annoy me some times.


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