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The above sentiment is the condensed version of the rant that I can't quite bother to write out in full. Y'all are probably better off not knowing it anyway.

Ok, now that I've whined, I have to go do something about it.

:::scampers off to do something:::
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These are a few of my favorite things:

Overall, I had a pretty good weekend. There were things I was looking forward to doing, but when the end of the world strikes, you sort of have to stand up and listen. Strangely enough, I think that all of the low points I went through were entirely medicinally induced. Now if I can just keep straight everything that happened to me, I'll get my PEL done and finish revamping my character history.

So I've finished with my first month of the gnu drugs. Given how I've reacted to them, I'm not quite sure what to think really. On the one hand, I love not being depressed anymore, but I do miss my motivation. Granted, I'd rather have proper motivation and not the "oh shit!!! I have 30 minutes to get this finished or I'm going to die!!!!!!!1111!!11!one!" but hopefully this will be temporary and my edumacational career can take off again. Guess I'll find out when I find out.

In my continuing quest to help [ profile] tragic_culture experience the worst our hobby has to offer, I've been frequenting the Realms forums and event listings. While idly traipsing through the forums, I was reminded of the following interchange:
"I am the most powerful drow in the universe! I can take on five... no, eight of you!"
insert the sounds of a savage beating taking place
"...all right, maybe four."

Still one of the funniest memories of an event for me. Too bad the rest of the players had to suffer so that 13 of us could have a really cool encounter.

I'm out.


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