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For those who celebrate, I wish you a very happy Beltane. To the rest of y'all, happy May Day.

For the record, lemon-honey spritzers are both ridiculously tasty and deceptively deadly. Also, in a fight, Grand Marnier would totally beat the ass of Tripple-sec. I'm just sayin'.
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Preparatory to our trip to Spain, I picked up the Instant Immersion Spanish disc set as a refresher for my atrophied Spanish skills. Thus far, I am happy with it and am finding it easy to get back on the horse as it were, but one thing keeps driving me crazy. All the voice work is done in a Castilian accent, and my accent is mostly Venezuelan. I've always found the Castilian lisp to be somewhat irritating to listen to and I find I'm focusing too much on the accent and having to repeat stuff. I should just bite the bullet and shift accents (it isn't that hard for me when it comes to Spanish), since I'd be less likely to be looked at like us East Coasters tend to look at Southerners when they talk, but that would feel like giving up somehow.

In any case, yay for re-learning languages and for trips to Spain!
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Gods help me if my mother or mother-in-law ever read this, but I seriously dislike NYC. Comparative to the relative calm and politeness levels of Boston, I'm happy to leave the Big Apple behind. That said, I was sad to leave my love's folks, since I have such a great time traveling with them. Now for a leisurely jaunt down the railways to S. Station and we'll be home free. I'll probably have more to write on our adventures at that point, so stay tuned, true believers.

I'm out.
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Today marks our last day in port, which also means our last day of free internetz, so if anyone has to get in touch with us, you'll just have to suck it up and wait until Sunday. So don't anybody do anything stupid that we'll need to be notified about.

Had some odd dreams last night about having to find homes for my mom's cats. Kind of weird - I blame all the complimentary rum swizzles. All in all though, it has been a great time so far. And now for a quick jaunt back across the Atlantic followed by a lil' train ride and we'll be home sweet home.

Goodbye land of 60,000 alcoholics, we'll miss you!

I'm out.
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Yay for internetz you don't have to pay for! Whilest I have some free bandwidth, I figured I'd lay some slightly-above-tropical science on your asses.

Thus far, the vacation holiday has been beautiful - smooth seas, beautiful weather (God, if you are listening, I'm willing to forgive you for this morning. It was only a little rain after all and didn't mess with our shore excursion, but I'll be very put out if you pull that trick tomorrow. Just sayin'.), friendly people and the best staff I've ever seen on a ship before. So the mid-week verdict is:

In other news, proving that everything sounds better with an accent, especially a Jamaican accent, Keith, the waiter we have managed to snag two nights running now yay freestyle dining! is hysterical. I'm sure at some point, when y'all see my love and I, I'm sure we'll wax nostalgic about him so I'll spare you the details now.

And now, I have to go gorge myself silly on food which I didn't have to cook.

I'm out.
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I can haz holiday nao, yay!

Traveling by train is fun. The seats are roomy, there are no wailing babies (okay, that might just be a fluke, but still), there is a snacky car, and the best part is that my love and I aren't spending $200+ in gas to get to our destination and back. Yaysauce!

It felt weird to leave Aralis early - there was so much going on and I kept thinking that there was just one more conversation I had to have or one more thing I'd have liked to do as we were scurrying (already later than intended) off site. But once we got home, all thoughts of events were whisked away in a flurry of packing. And now we are officially on vacation holiday. It's possible I may update from the boat, but for all y'all who hang on my every typed word, you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

And now, to lean back and maybe nap some more. Or possibly play solitaire. It doesn't really matter 'cause I'm on vacation holiday!

I'm out.


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