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The one downside to putting in all this work from home is that I'm having a hard time with the work/not work divide. Throughout the day, I'll have to see to the baby, thus eating into my work time, which I then feel I need to make up. Couple that with needing to make lunch and dinner and even though I'm typically only working 8 hours, 12-13 hours have passed. The easy solution, I suppose, would be to just stop giving a shit about the work, but among my many faults, a lack of work ethic does not seem to be among them.

I think going forward, I'm going to have to set up some realistic work/life boundaries, and really just identifying and articulating this need has done a lot to alleviate the feelings I've been having recently. But yay for boundaries.

In other news, I now have a practice deadbolt. Hooray for pastimes that aren't technically illegal!

That is all citizens.
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Good weekend all told despite some bumpiness. Did some traveling and then some visiting and then more traveling.
My love and I picked up a couple of balls spheres and learned how to contact juggle. Look at me, I'll be the Goblin King in no time. Now all I have to do is find myself some hawt eleventween year old to obsess over and then finlly steal her little brother.

In other news, well, there is no other news really. Or at least not any I want to share with the general public.

This week is looking busier every time I glance at it. I have a bunch of things to start working on for Madrigal and still have to hit an army navy store to round out my Endgame costume. Then I need to find myself enough pipe foam to make the "table leg wrapped in barbed wire" since the "board with a nail in it" idea seems like it won't happen before this weekend and I'd rather not run around completely weaponless, although that could be kind of funny. Hmmm... now that I'm thinking about it, I may just have another idea for weaponry up my sleeve. I guess we'll see how much time I feel like devoting to it.

Right, now I'm going to decode the ancient sumerian text that I ended my character history with and see about submitting it. Mental note to self, don't type while half asleep.

I'm out.


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