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Managed to break a toe this weekend. As is usually the case with these things, I wasn't doing anything noteworthy. This of course makes me feel even more lame.

[ profile] wench33, now is the time of your revenge for all those times I made fun of you for breaking your toes.
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A much belated Aralis post:

I survived the insanity that was my schedule - having the timing of certain major points of several plots converge at the same event means for a grueling time. Having your baby at the same event? That makes for a special kind of nightmare. Of course, in many respects, it was a learning nightmare, but still, my love should get some sort of medal for her efforts.

Hopefully next event, I'll be able to delegate more and to be sure, my plot load hopefully won't be as insane. Equally hopefully, we won't get sick from our efforts like this time. Mercifully, the duration of said illness was extremely short It took us both just under two days to recover and ze babeh didn't get sick at all, so yay! For the rest of you who are still sick, I wish you a speedy recovery.

In other news, apropos a conversation I had this morning, I figured out the one thing I dislike about staffing larps. To explain it, I'll have to use the Jello analogy, since it works: Picture, if you will, a pile of Jello which represents the PC base for a larp and a person standing over the Jello, poking it with a finger, which represents the staff. Whenever the person pokes the Jello, the reverberations are felt throughout all of the Jello. Sure, they are strongest where the person initially poked it, but even the extreme edges feel them. Conversely, the person only really feels the impact where they touch the Jello, although they can see the effects with their eyes, they don't feel them the way the Jello itself does. Simply put, due to their external status, the staff doesn't get to experience the larp in the same way that the players do. While they do see the fruits of their labors, they typically never quite know just how far the reverberations of their contacts with the PCs reach.

Now, this isn't really a big thing in the long run, it is just sort of something that bothered me and I was having trouble articulating. I think a lot of this has to do with my love affair with immersion in games and how hard it is to gauge how well you are doing on that front when you are looking down on the proceedings instead of wiggling with the rest of the Jello.

And now, I must get back to dealing with the backlog of emails in my inbox.
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The one downside to putting in all this work from home is that I'm having a hard time with the work/not work divide. Throughout the day, I'll have to see to the baby, thus eating into my work time, which I then feel I need to make up. Couple that with needing to make lunch and dinner and even though I'm typically only working 8 hours, 12-13 hours have passed. The easy solution, I suppose, would be to just stop giving a shit about the work, but among my many faults, a lack of work ethic does not seem to be among them.

I think going forward, I'm going to have to set up some realistic work/life boundaries, and really just identifying and articulating this need has done a lot to alleviate the feelings I've been having recently. But yay for boundaries.

In other news, I now have a practice deadbolt. Hooray for pastimes that aren't technically illegal!

That is all citizens.
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Probably of interest to none of you but me, it would seem that I'm fully healed up from my rotator cuff injury as I'm back to my old tricks of picking up on the emotional & physical output around me. I find it funny that the only times I'm really flying 'blind' as it were, are when I'm injured - something about my own pain overriding anything else coning in. Its a mercy, I suppose, as the idea of the pain I was feeling with the cuff injury coupled with the serious amount of back pain I've been experiencing on the behalf of others would seriously have made the baby Jesus cry.
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So New Years has come and gone and here I am standing on the other side of it, wondering at the oddly snaking path of 2009.

I'm making progress on my goals for 2009. Slow progress, to be sure, when viewed through the lens of where I want to be, but I shouldn't belittle the progress or the rate thereof. As I so often council in DV, I must take the long view in this - every step of this journey teaches me something about myself and skipping any of them will mean a different outcome when all is said and done.
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While I won't make resolutions at new years (doing so is, in my mind, akin to telling my wife "I love you" on Valentine's day because Hallmark told me I should), there are some things that I feel I should work on in the coming months, and if all goes well, these will become habit in the coming year. This list is for my own edification, so if you don't care then stop reading now.

1. Stop finding excuses to work from home every day and stick to my 3 day / 2 day every other week schedule. Having a consistent schedule is good for me, dammit.

2. Run at least twice a week and do floor work at least three times a week. Also attend Monday practices. My shoulder is healed at this point and I always feel better when I'm consistently exercising and I look hawt when I'm ripped. Besides, having a consistent schedule is good for me, dammit.

3. Find a new mode of being. Having dealt with depression for so long, I continue to interact with the world the way I always have, even though I've got the whole depression thing in control for the first time ever. This will be a hard habit to break, but I know I can if I'm just mindful of how I'm behaving.

4. Be more social. even if it just means calling an old friend or IMing someone. I am a social creature and I always feel better after hanging out with/talking with friends.
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Sherman, set the Wayback Machine one week!

Update on my shoulder injury from last week: Turns out I managed to injure my rotator cuff. Fortunately, it isn't a tear, more like a bad sprain, so I won't need surgery, but it looks like I'll be spending the rest of the event season healing and trying to remember that I should listen to my body when I feel myself slowing down. Figures when I finally get back into the whole exercise routine, that I have to stop for the most part, what I'm doing. Oh well, at least I can still do some light work on the elliptical, so I won't totally fall off the wagon.
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Unaccountably anxious and down today and yesterday. Doesn't feel like a depressive episode, but is notable enough that I figured I'd record it.

In other news, it occurred to me that I never did thank everyone for the sympathies and well wishes from the other week for my eye trauma. To spare everyone's sensitivities, I'll say only that it was surgery to get rid of a persistent cyst and was entirely elective and I wasn't in any sort of mortal danger like cancer or aliens laying eggs in me or anything. That being said, if it were cancer, I'd probably do it again, but alien eggs? I'd totally let the fuckers hatch.

I'm out.
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Okay, that sucked. If I ever get it into my head that I want surgery on the inside of my eyelid again, please somebody, anybody, remind me that the experience is as far from okay as can legally be.

On the plus side, I did earn my Hardcore (tm) badge when I realized that the local had pretty much worn off and the doc was still going at it. Booyah! Now let us never speak of this again.

In other news, I have 6 new feet of sewer main in my basement. If y'all in the Boston/Providence area ever need a decent plumber, I'd recommend GEM Plumbing. They were fast, easy and friendly. As an added bonus, part of your cost gets donated to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so yay.

Okay, this using one eye to look at the screen is getting old, so I'm out.
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Girly squee moment of the morning: having my leather pants fit again. Its a small thing, but I'm always amazed at how much more sexy/appealing I feel when I can wear them. Take that Celexa and go fuck yourself in the ear!

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This morning the breeze whispered to me of Fall. I know I'm probably in the minority for wanting Summer to end so that Fall can begin, but I can't help it. Fall is my favorite time of year. Anyway...

So While at Riverside 6 Flags the other weekend, some kind soul decided to share their conjunctivitis with me. I feel bad that I didn't get them anything, like, say chlamydia. Oh well, maybe karma will do it for me :-/ If it can't be deduced, I absolutely hate conjunctivitis but that is neither here nor there, really, since I have it and have to deal with it until its gone. So in addition to the big C, I also developed a ginormous (ok, maybe it is that huge, but I feel like it is) sty in the eye with conjunctivitis. When I saw my doctor about getting some treatment, he told me there were two options for the sty: 1) hot compresses or 2) a lid scrub. For the uninitiated, a lid scrub entails taking baby shampoo and applying it directly to your eye.
I halfassedly go about doing the hot compress route, but my patients is limited when it comes to putting extremely hot things against the tender flesh of my eye, so I decide to go with the lid scrub. Let me tell you, when the baby shampoo says "No Tears", what they fail to mention is that it will still feel like you've poured molten lava into your eye socket. If I ever become a professional torturer, I'll skip the hot pokers and whips and go directly to the baby shampoo, let me tell you. Several gallons of TheraTears later, and my eye no longer feels like I lined it with concertina wire, but it seems that my friend, conjunctivitis, has decided to come back with a vengeance. Prior to doing the lid scrub, it had cleared up and I even did the requisite "continue the meds 2 days after it gets clear" dance.
Hopefully my eye will at least look clear for my interview tomorrow, although I really know nothing better than having mucus seeping out of my eye and clinging to my lashes, to inspire confidence in myself.

I'm out.
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Yesterday was 8.5 miles on the cycle in the gym. So far today, my knees seem ok. This pleases me and means that I can probably hit the elliptical on Thursday without fear of my knees crapping out on me. This has been sort of a constant fear for me these past few months. Since I've been trying to loose all the weight I gained on Celexa, I've been having problems with our home elliptical runner - whenever I ran on it, it took my knees three days to recover. After a healthy dose of fear that I was going down the same road as my father, I decided to try an experiment with other runners and exercise machines. So far so good. It may be that I start looking for a better machine on the home front, but for now I'll just continue the experiment with the work gym.

In related news, KMFDM is great for exercising. That is all.
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le tired

Spent most of the night awake due to heartburn and now I'm feeling nauseous due to lack of sleep. >_<

:::shakes tiny fist in rage at the sky:::

for my own edification,
     smoothie made w/banana, blueberries, vanilla yogurt & pineapple juice

Mid-morning Snack:
     1 bag of cheesits from the vending machine.

     3 slices of "meatlovers" pizza (bacon, sausage & hamburger) & 1 can pepsi

Afternoon Snack:
     slice of peperoni pizza (lunch leftovers)

     chili (beef, tomatoes & "chili starters" by bush and white rice (there was some butter in the rice for flavoring,
     but less than a tbsp for the whole pot)

I can see a lot of problems with yesterday's diet, but aside from the obvious "dude, where are the vegetables" and "whoa, that's a lot of grease for lunch", I'm not sure what broke the camel's back, as it were. Guess I'll try and work on the healthier eating and just make note of what I ate the next time this happens.



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