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Getting diaper changed and play cloths on   10 minutes
Eating mid-morning yogurt snack and cleanup   15 minutes
Getting into snow suit, boots, hat and mittens   20 minutes
Convincing toddler that his favored stuffed animal won't survive the snow   05 minutes
Getting squirming & crying toddler and sled out the door   02 minutes
Getting no longer squirming & crying toddler into sled   01 minute
Pulling toddler in sled through 2' of snow while breaking trail for what feels like 6 hours   15 minutes
Time it takes for toddler to start crying when he realizes that daddy is 'out of steam'   30 seconds

All I can say is thank all the gods for Veggie Tales because by the time I got us back in the house, I was in no condition to do anything other than hit "play" on the dvd player.

Lessons learned here: Until he is old enough to climb a hill with a sled and then ride it down by himself, sledding is a two adult job. Also, if this is how outdoor excursions are going to be for the conceivable future, then I need to start doing more cardio, because daaaayum.
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Tonight I went to the WPI practice for the first time in way too long and while I'm as sore as if I spent a whole weekend as an NPC, I feel pretty darned good.
I must admit to some trepidation with my decision to attend practice - in the few times I've been back to Realms events, I've always felt the awful weight of everyone's ideas on who I am, what they think I am capable of, etc... and I found it hard to live up to my weird legend. But tonight, I think for the first time in, what, 15 years?, I didn't get the "Oh, you're Meerkat!" reaction that I've come to dread, and I can't even describe how awesome that felt. It was nice to be just a face in a crowd of mostly n00bs and earn people's respect based on my (rusty) skills - Oh, Accelerant how you have wronged me! - and not my reputation.
I've got a lot to re-learn, and even more to learn, but I think I've found a great group of folks who can help me with that. So it looks like for the foreseeable future, my Mondays will be spoken for.
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Results from this morning's abbreviated* run:

2 miles in 15.5 minutes.

Not bad overall. I'd love to shave off 1.5 minutes from that time (mmmmm... 7 minute mile) but considering this is the first time in almost a year that I've actually gotten off my ass and ran, I'm content. It really is amazing what kind of motivation the thought "I don't feel sexy" can inspire. Now if only I can get the same reaction from "I don't feel wealthy".
Now if I can just keep this up for the next 2-3 weeks it will become a habit.

*I had originally planned to run for 30-45 minutes, but I got a late start to the day :-\


I had forgotten how warm I get when I kickstart my metabolism. Good thing I wore a short sleve shirt today as I am a little bit roasty.


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