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Two things I've learned from my lil' yoga session this morning:

#1 Wow, my shoulder, and really, the rest of my body as well, is seriously fucking tight.

#2 While I feel a lot better for having pretended to be a pretzel, I'm thus far thinking that in order to bleed off all the excess energy I've got, I'm going to have to so something other than just stretching or I'll explode. The question remains, however, of what can I do that won't make things worse? Go-go fucked up back and shoulder powers! :-/
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Yesterday was 8.5 miles on the cycle in the gym. So far today, my knees seem ok. This pleases me and means that I can probably hit the elliptical on Thursday without fear of my knees crapping out on me. This has been sort of a constant fear for me these past few months. Since I've been trying to loose all the weight I gained on Celexa, I've been having problems with our home elliptical runner - whenever I ran on it, it took my knees three days to recover. After a healthy dose of fear that I was going down the same road as my father, I decided to try an experiment with other runners and exercise machines. So far so good. It may be that I start looking for a better machine on the home front, but for now I'll just continue the experiment with the work gym.

In related news, KMFDM is great for exercising. That is all.


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