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Weird dreams last night:

I was wandering through the House with [ profile] noradannan and we were looking for something. We were going through some dimly and sometimes unlit sections of the House and I got the sense that there was something dangerous lurking there (perhaps a minotaur?). I was starting to get nervous but then [ profile] noradannan offered to hold my hand to keep me safe. It was very sweet, but then, so is she, so that makes sense. I don't think we ever found what we were looking for, but that seems to be the way of things when the House shows up in my dreams.

A later dream involved a different section of the House and a large party filled with people I've known over the course of my life. Weirdly, I kept being approached by women I had never dated who kept telling me that their greatest regret was that we hadn't stayed together and that now that I was married we'd never have a chance again. All the while, I was like "but we were never together in the first place! Did I miss something here?" After the third person saying this, it got to be kind of funny. Interspersed with all of these ladies and their confessions, were dozens of kittens which needed petting. They awere so cute and fuzzy and each needed tons of love. All in all, it was a pretty good dream, but then kittens!
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Weird dreams last night. In one I was a cop and my partner and I were investigating this vampire rave thing. We ended up getting turned into vampires and then there ensued a long conversation/debat over whether we were like White Wolf vampires or the Brahm Stoker kind. The vampires who turned us were all convinced that the sun would kill them, but I was firmly in the camp of "I'll be stuck in whatever form I was in during the day and sunlight won't kill me." All I can say is it was a pretty lame debate and I'm so glad I woke up. In another dream, I was at some sort of larp and Robyn and Brian were there - Robyn kept trying to be a part of a conversation I was having with someone else and we kept ignoring her. I woke up with the feeling that I had witnessed art imitating life or something. :-/

I don't get my dreams sometimes.
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Last night I had a dream wherein I went back to the Farm and spent a while talking with one of the farmers there. Among the many things we spoke of, was an offer to come back and work the land. When I woke up, I knew how to deal with soil alkalinity problems and felt at peace with the universe.

I may never be able to go back there, to where the land and the people understand each other and time flows a little more slowly, but it was nice to revisit those memories. I'd forgotten the quiet that comes from living simply, with no distractions from the world around you.
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Odd dreams last night - the House had turned into a small city, and I had a really good/healing conversation with Amy. A lot to process there.

In other news, Mother's Day happened and we now have a surfeit of desserts in our house.
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Weird dreams last night; the house has grown and this time, at least, encompassed three city blocks. There were some really weird bits where I remembered how to fly, but not really well enough to do it all the time, so there was this tension every time I needed to fly.

I'm gripped by the notion that I took two of the same pill last night instead of one of each. Given that I feel extra sedate today, I don't think I'm just being paranoid. This would explain the odd dreams.
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Weird dreams last night wherein our hero had to wrestle a basilisk and then got to marry an arabian princess. o_O is all I can say about it without violating the NDA. I do find it kind of odd that whenever I say The Lord's Prayer in my dreams it is always with a conviction that scares me. It is as if I can feel divine wrath and love channeling through me. Weird.

In other news, last night was the first night of halving the dose of the meds that were sedating me. Hopefully, I'll be all perky today.
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Weird dreams last night involving [ profile] bitsyboo giving me a tattoo, a very odd Boston/New York style city, a quest for a chrome vibrator, and some sort of school type thing.
On the plus side, I didn't wake up all sedated, even after such a busy night of dreams.
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Odd dreams last night. The house was there of course, although I'd not yet ever seen these rooms and the location was different. My father was there as well, and with him were Fat Cat and Sheba. My mom and I were throwing some sort of party - I thought it was a dinner party, but it seemed to early in the day to be one - and many people were there. I knew some of them and others were completely foreign to me. I get the feeling that while I could see dad and the cats, nobody else could and this didn't seem to be that much of a problem. For the most part, the party went well although we did run out of food. I remember at one point looking over at my dad and seeing Fat Cat curled up with him. I thought to myself that that was kind of odd since he was my cat, but then I realized that he now belonged with dad. The dream then went kind of funny and involved a ride on a bed down Rt 2 and a magic oak tree that stopped us from falling off a cliff. Yeah, I'm not sure I want to get that either.

I'm not sure why dad and the cats were in my dream. Usually, when I dream of the dead, I'm doing something to help them but this time I wasn't. It still felt like a significant dream, but I don't know what the deal was. Oh well, I'm sure time will give me some perspective. In the mean time, maybe I should go visit dad this year and have a little chat with him.

I'm out.
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Had a weird dream last night wherein [ profile] thestealthyone and I were working for/controlled by/protecting two spirits who were trying very hard to kill each other. Things got very disturbing rather quickly and I'm very glad I woke up when I did. I don't think I've ever killed anyone in my dreams before and things were heading to that point.
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Weird dreams the past three nights... Saturday's was just plain wrong. There were bizzare sex toys involved (and no this dream wasn't erotic in the slightest) and way too many people around in a city that made me feel kind of like Rufus Sewell. Sunday night's was even weirder - there were a bunch of Nazi agents that were trying to cause an alien invasion and I needed to get to some city to convince a bunch of Russian soldiers to kill them. Travel between cities was weird, there were these terminals and you had to program the coordinates you wished to travel too in binary. Before I could get to the Russians, the invasion happened and there were these epic battles involving mecha and flying saucers and then the government started up this twisted alien breeding program on a sex farm that caused the women bred to the aliens to become infected with some virus. Thankfully, I woke up before any children were born. By comparison, last night's dream was fairly tame. My love, [ profile] darkwhimsy, [ profile] hilariarex, and myself were lounging around one of my old apartments and I was giving [ profile] hilariarex a shoulder rub. Ok so far? Well, what made this kind of odd and stand-outish as a dream was that She had these incredibly detailed celtic knotwork tattoos on her shoulders that went all the way down her back. They kept moving when I looked at them and nobody else seemed to be able to see them. It was odd.
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Had a good weekend consisting mostly of a trip to visit the in-laws and reading Name of The Rose with my love.

I've recently been inspired to do some writing - it should be fun I think. Been a long time since I've put my pen to to a willing surface other than blue test booklets, so I'm welcoming this creative muse.

Now to bed wherein hopefully my dreams of pirates and strange ritual magic will continue their visiting trend.

I'm out.


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