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Wow was that a rough event for Marco. Despite this (or more realistically, because of this), I had a wonderful time. It has been a very long while since I've come home from an event both physically and emotionally drained.

There is much more I could write on this subject, but most of it is for the PEL and not public consumption. Suffice it to say that I owe thanks to all the PCs and NPCs who made this weekend what it was.
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I think I may need some more sleep as I'm totally dragging my ass today. The work gods are kind, however, and things are fairly light, so at least there is that.

7V this weekend was definitely a good time. Lots of clandestine maneuvering makes for some interesting, if not, at times, stressful fun. I seriously need to get my notes down and organized by tonight or I know I'm going to forget something.

There was more I wanted to say, but after having to listen to a client drone on and on about a billing issue, I can't remember what it was. Oh well, I should get back to work anyway.
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Unsurprisingly, I had a great time at 7V - the staff continues to amaze with their efforts to provide an awesome experience (The text props! Dear gods, the text props!). And yet again, I feel that there is much to be done between now and the next event if plans are to come to fruition.

Much like everyone else, I'm feeling the after affects of Thighmaster Hill today, which is something I don't quite understand. When we used to run Aralis there, I went up and down that hill far more than I ever would at any given 7V event, all without seeming detriment. And yet, here I am, with my body lodging protest at my cruel use of it. I must be getting old or something.
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7 Virtues

My brain is so full right now with things I have to remember for my PEL.

Also, I hurt.


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