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So all today I'd been thinking of things that I wanted to write about so as to start my daily post experiment on a great note (whatever that means - i'm still not certain, really), and all today I've been drawing a blank. This actually has been something of a theme with me and writing recently and part of why I decided to dust off my journal; I've been having the hardest time just sitting down and writing about anything that isn't directly related to educating a client, and it is sort of killing me. I mean, I've never found writing easy, but this current trend is sort of ridiculous to me and also something of a huge pain in the ass as I've still got two NPC writeups and two text props that have to get done before the Aralis event. Not to mention that I also should come up with advertising blurbs for Lloyd's items.

The truly stupid thing, to me anyway, is that I have no issue describing exactly what I should write, but that there is some sort of disconnect in my brain which won't allow for the translating of the ideas from words I am speaking to words I am writing. I've always had that problem, ever since I can remember, but in the past, it was a bit more mild and I could fight through it with just a little effort. These days, more and more effort is required and with the way life has been recently, I'm all out of spoon, as the saying goes. So I feel as though I either need to hire a secretary who takes dictation (he he, I said 'dic') or invest in the Dragon Tools software if I want to get any serious writing done any time this millennium. Interestingly enough, I actually wanted the Dragon Tools software for a while now, although I've always kind of worried that if I started using it, my writing skills would atrophy that much more. But I sort of feel like this is an unreasonable fear, so maybe I'll make an expedition to Best Buy on the morrow and see about picking it up

Huh.. Guess I had something to write about after all. Who knew? And on that note, I think I'll pack up my virtual quill for the night, for lo, I am tired.

Date: 2012-04-28 03:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Writing is always easier the more you do it -- we both know that.

There is a me-me- thing going around where people are asking for writing prompts and offering them in return. I am thinking about doing it (tho realistically, at this particular time I am NOT apt to offer them in return). Perhaps you could consider doing that sort of thing yourself to get kickstarted.

And really, as you note here, any start is still a start. Much like even if you don't exercise, just getting up off the couch and putting down the Cheetos is, in fact, still a good start.

Date: 2012-04-29 05:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
In the midst of LARP writing myself, I find that the more your virtual quill is like work or to fulfill social expectation, the more resistance you encounter. For me, it's about pacing the amount and having floon buddies to conserve and replenish spoons respectively. Do you have one or two people you bounce ideas off of or can just talk about what you are running?

Incidentally, if you make use of Dragon Tools software, I'm pretty darn curious if it's a must-have or a meh.

Date: 2012-05-02 10:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wise words, yo.

And re: Dragon - it is thus far proving to be useful, although there is a lot of training of the software involved, so I'm not certain of it's must-haveness yet. I'll know better once I've had a few months of use of it under my belt. My initial impressions are that it certainly makes things a lot easier and is really easy to use, but I'm oddly finding it hard to use it in front of people. It is sort of like the feeling you get when someone overhears you talking to yourself.


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